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The TieCare Story

TieCare International was founded to administer employee fringe benefits and to serve the specialized needs of the international educational community. For more than 35 years, TieCare has continually developed and implemented benefit programs that encompass medical, life, travel and other specialty insurance.

As the global leader in providing fringe benefits to international educators, TieCare has written thousands of plans and covered tens of thousands of lives throughout the world.

Experience the TieCare Difference

  • Local personal service in all regions of the world and representatives who make multiple visits to your schools every year.
  • Full integration through one source: TieCare handles every step of the insurance value chain - administration, service, claims processing and reimbursement.
  • Experience from many years of providing customized service to the unique needs of international educators.

Experience the TieCare Approach

The TieCare Approach

At TieCare, providing you with the most comprehensive and cost-effective benefits backed by concrete customer service is our top priority.

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