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TieCare works with select distributors, brokers and agents to serve our clients around the world. We support our distributors with the TieCare service team below:

Mark Tomaszewski
President, TieCare International
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David Lim
Serving: Southeast Asia
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Marie Nguyen
Business Development Manager
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Eva Lopez
Vice President, GBG Assist / Member Services
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Nil Karli
Serving: Turkey and surrounding countries
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Frank Cappuccio
Serving: Latin America, including the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela
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Donn Osterlund
Serving: the NESA region, including the Middle East, the Arabian Gulf, India, and Southwest Asia
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Stephen Boush
Serving: Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, South Korea, and Vietnam
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Jimmy Nguyen
Serving: Africa
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Daniel Tao
Serving: Asia Pacific and China
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Marina Lee
Serving: China
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GBG Assist
24/7 Customer Service
USA/Canada Toll-free: +1.866.914.5333
Worldwide Collect: +1.786.814.4125
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